Random Acts of Sweetness - 112 State Street, Portsmouth, NH 03801  •  Phone: (603) 319-8612  •  Email: randomsweetness@yahoo.com
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We are located at 112 State Street in Portsmouth, NH.  Directly across                         the street from Agave Mexican restaurant
For orders please contact us at: 
Phone: (603)319-8612 
Email: Randomsweetness@yahoo.com
 Boutique hours are 11:30 to 6pm 
      on the following Saturdays:
January 17th       June 20th
February 14th     July 18th
February 21st     August 15th
March 21st         September 19th 
April 4th              October 17th
April 18th            November 21st
May 16th            December 19th